VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) – News 10 has an update on the Evangeline Parish school administrator accused of acting inappropriately toward an employee.
– Evangeline Parish Superintendent Darwan Lazard says there’s an allegation of misconduct against an administrator by a staff member.
– Lazard sent a message to School District staff last week saying he would look into the allegations.
– Multiple sources confirmed with News 10 the incident involves two employees of Pine Prairie High School.

“Things are still ongoing and when there’s something that has been concluded, we’ll certainly let you (News 10) know,” said Lazard.
He spoke about the ongoing investigation into allegations that an administrator at Pine Prairie High School acted inappropriately with an employee, but he’s still not revealing who or what happened.
“I’m very cautious to be in compliance of state law and federal law, and also to protect the rights of the accused and the accuser,” said Lazard.
A message was sent out to all employees in the district last week that the school board investigating.
At Wednesday’s Evangeline Parish School Board meeting, the Board discussed revisions to a number of policies, including the School System’s Sexual and Gender Harassment Policy.

However, there were not much changes made to the current policy, in wake of an investigation by the Superintendent, regarding 2 employees at one of the schools in his district.
“Where we have to notify our employees and we have to provide any training to our employees, which we’re already currently doing,” said Michael Lombard, Assistant to Superintendent.
“So the Superintendent in terms of discipline and reporting procedures, just changes in the word mechanics in that policy, but nothing significant,” said Lazard.
He says these investigations take time and he’s waiting until he knows all the facts. However, he’s the one who has the final say on what the discipline will be for the employee.
“And it could be, that I determine a person has done what was said or not done what was said, or could be that it’s inconclusive. Depends on the investigation,” said Lazard.
There’s no timeline as to when the investigation will be complete, as the Superintendent says he does not want to be rash or irresponsible in the handling of a matter like this, and throughout the District.