Sugarcane farmers having difficulty harvesting due to weather conditions


Mother nature is affecting the harvesting of sugarcane in Vermilion Parish. 

Sugarcane farmers are having trouble because of recent weather conditions. 

Brothers Donny and Monte Vallot with Vallot Farms say this sugarcane harvest season is one of the most difficult they’ve experienced in a long time. 

News Ten reports, “So essentially the rain has affected the crop here especially this year?” 

Donny says, “Especially this year.” 

“It hurts and it helps. We’ve got a bigger crop than last year. It gets us in so much trouble to get the cane out,” adds Monte. 

“The tractors and the combines they just been spin from one end to the other end. You’re tearing up your fields,” explains Donny. 

Monte says, “It’s burning more fuel.” 

“More wear and tear. It’s harder on the equipment,” says Donny. 

Donny and Monte are fourth-generation sugarcane farmers. They operate on three-thousand acres. They say it’s an everyday operation. 

“You really have to make your quota every day,” adds Donny. “Now if you get behind through some type of breakdowns or muddy conditions, you most likely have to ask your neighbor for some help or even the mills for some help.” 

The Vallot’s say they are doing their best despite the conditions. 

“We just ask the public to have a little patience with the muddy conditions this year. We are doing the best we can to keep all the roads clean,” explains Donny. 

Donny Vallot says sugarcane harvest season usually lasts about three months. 

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