Study shows only roughly a quarter of Louisiana could pass U.S. Citizenship Test


(WVLA) The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation conducted a survey to see what percentage of U.S. states could pass the U.S. Citizenship Test.

According to the study, only 27% of individuals from Louisiana could pass the citizenship test, which was the lowest across all U.S. states. West Virginia was tied with South Carolina in the study and the only states to finish lower were Georgia (33%), Mississippi (31%), Alabama (31%), Arkansas (30%) and Kentucky (29%). 

Of the 27% to pass the citizenship test in Louisiana, 5% scored an A, 5% scored a B, 5% scored a C and 19% scored a D.

Many states fared poorly in this study, with only first-placed Vermont showing that a majority of their citizens (53%) passed the citizenship test.

On a national level, only four in 10 Americans passed the exam.

For more information on this study, and to see if you could pass the test click this link

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