LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The Army Corps Deputy District Engineer Mark Wingate delivered the challenging results to the Acadiana Planning Commission, Watershed Initiative Committee and U.S. Congressman Clay Higgins on the dredging of the Vermilion River.

“The good news is there would be no significant negative impacts from dredging the river, the problem and the challenge is we are not seeing a great amount of benefit.”

And especially for the cost.

Wingate says dredging the entire river could be upwards of $150 million for minimum impact.

“People would be a lot more disappointed to spend a $150 million and that not be the solution. That’s the value of the analysis we’ve done up to this point. Let me be clear, we are not saying that dredging is not appropriate in target areas combined with other features to reduce flood damages.”

Congressman Clay Higgins says at least its been determined thus far that there’s no one simple fix.

“But a combination of everything. If we lived in a world where funding is not a concern I believe we would be moving forward with the Vermilion.”

A local business owner along the Vermilion says he’s not able to properly conduct business because the river is blocked or silted up.

“Then last year we had to move our product three times because of potential flooding because they are not dredging the river and the river is not flowing. We’re a small business taking an effect from the high water and the river not being dredge to be able to get service work up the river.”