Students react to social media threats to Iota schools


IOTA, La. (KLFY) — Acadia Parish School Board officials have announced that Iota Elementary, Middle, and High Schools will be closed Friday due to ongoing threat investigations. 

Classes were also canceled Thursday. Francis Catholic announced that its campus would be closed Friday.

The school closures come after a series of bomb threats were made on social media and also called into Iota High School on Tuesday.

Anastasia Miller, a student at Iota High School, said, “The cops had sent out an email or a text message how Iota High was under a bomb threat. They searched it. It was all clear… went to school Wednesday and then turns out we got a shooting threat, another bomb threat, and then more threats over Snapchat came in and people have been just sending them.”

Acadia Parish Superintendent Scott Richard released a statement Thursday stating that Iota Elementary, Middle, and High Schools will remain closed on Friday due to the ongoing threat investigations.

Richard released a statement Wednesday stating the schools would be closed Thursday to allow law enforcement to thoroughly investigate social media threats made towards the schools in Iota.

In a Facebook post Thursday, the Iota Police Department states they are positive the teenagers, faculty, and children of our schools are perfectly safe.

“All we know is it’s some kid under an anonymous Snapchat,” added Miller.

Students sent pictures to News 10 saying these social media threats came from an anonymous Snapchat account.

Graphic posts saying quote “I’m waiting for y’all the rest of the week.. just wait…” with a picture of a gun… and another post saying quote, “A bomb will go off at Iota Middle/High School at 2:30… guys have fun.”

Miller said, “Usually, it’s just kids playing jokes. That’s it… nothing really serious. Whoever it is needs to come forward.”

The Iota Police Department says the attempts were made to strike fear into the good citizens of their town and were acts of desperation and anger.

The plan is to resume normal operations on Monday, January 27.

Iota Police say the investigation is under control, and they will update the community when the party responsible is brought to justice.

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