Students at 5 Lafayette Parish Elementary Schools could be switching campuses in August

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Students from 5 Lafayette Parish Elementary Schools could be heading to different schools by next August.

It’s because of the new Billeaud Elementary currently under construction in Broussard.
Those 5 schools are Ernest Gallet Elementary, Green T. Lindon Elementary, Katharine Drexel Elementary, Corp. Middlebrook Elementary and Youngsville Middle School.
Lafayette Parish School Board Member for District 9, Jeremy Hidalgo, held a Town Hall meeting at Katarine Drexel Thursday night.
“To discuss the zone changes, that are happening due the opening of the brand new Billeaud Elementary School, opening in South Broussard,” said Hidalgo.
The proposal would put all K through 5th grade students on Elementary School campuses, to make more room at the Middle Schools in the Parish.
“My concern is what they’re going to do at Drexel, to make Drexel equivalent to the new school that their building,” said Helend Granger, a grandparent of a student at Katharine Drexel.
Other parents saying, they’d like their schools to see major upgrades like the new school being built.
“My daughter’s fine, she’s going to be great wherever she goes to school. However, it seems very unfair that all the resources get put into the new school with technology, books, teachers, and all the other schools are left behind,” said Charles Sharma, parent of a student at Katharine Drexel.
The School Board says every time they construct a new school like Billeaud Elementary, they have to create a zone for that school, which affects neighboring schools as well.
“So it will affect a zone in the geographical area of the new school,” said Hidalgo.
Bree Boudoin is a teacher at Katharine Drexel.
She says she wants her students to benefit from all the great things happening in the Parish, but is sad to see her students possibly leaving…
So anytime there’s a re-zoning, there’s just a fire that builds in teachers to want to fight for their students, and make sure they’re getting all the opportunities, and that they’re available for everybody,” said Boudoin.
Hildalgo says he doesn’t believe there will be another big re-zoning like this one for a few years, because there’s not another school being built in the foreseeable future.
The principal of Katharine Drexel, says she’s working with the School Board, to try and get upgrades at her school in the near future.

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