CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – A Carencro High School Student said she wasn’t allowed to leave her prom after hearing her family was in a deadly car wreck.

The 18-year-old student said she spent an hour and a half in agony at the Carencro High prom Saturday night, waiting for the prom to be over.

“It was a family emergency. And they told me I was lying about it. One of the teachers told me why would you lie just to leave prom. And I was like why would I lie about something like that,” Demouchet said.

Kerston Demouchet said her sister, cousin, and nephew were in the crash Saturday night on LA Highway 353 in St. Martin Parish.

Demouchet’s cousin Tyrone Mitchell, her one-year-old nephew Kishawn Leon and friend James Pappillion died on scene. Her sister Lakesha Leon died the next day in the hospital.

“My friend had came to me and she was crying and she said they told me not to tell you but your sister had got in an accident,” Demouchet said.

According to the Lafayette Parish School Board, major dances are closed, meaning no one gets out until the dance is over.

“Anytime a parent or guardian would show up at the school or contact the administration we would certainly release that student to their parent for any type of accident, illness, catastrophe,” said Joe Craig, LPSB Chief Administrative Officer.

Demouchet said school officials did not tell her that her family had to come pick her up in order to leave. She her family was unable to pick her up from the prom in time.

“I called my mom on the phone and they still didn’t let me go,” Demouchet said.

Demouchet waited till after the prom ended. She was able to see her sister in the hospital that night. Her sister died the following day on Sunday.

There is a vigil for the four victims of the fatal crash Friday at Heymann Park at 6 p.m.