Strong winds cause building damage in Kaplan


Violent winds ripped through Kaplan, Louisiana, early Saturday morning, causing building damage and power outages.

“It was just a lot of commotion going on outside, and you certainly didn’t want to get near a window or open a door to look out,” Mayor of Kaplan, Mike Kloesel, said.

Mayor Kloesel said the destruction started around 5:15 Saturday morning.

“The worst part of it wasn’t for about 15 seconds, 15 seconds at the most, but those 10 or 15 seconds, let me tell ya, it was loud and vicious coming over the house,” Mayor Kloesel said. “It sounded like it was going to come through the house.”

Mayor Kloesel said violent winds tore the roof off two buildings and damaged many homes in the area.

“You could hear things hitting the side of the house. You could hear the windows rattling. The dogs were panicking and barking. It was sheer panic. It was tough,” Mayor Kloesel told News 10.

The strong winds caused a quarter of the city to lose power, according to the mayor.

There were no injuries reported in Kaplan.

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