We’ve been seeing cooler temperatures through the past few days, including today, as highs have been in the 70s. Persistent cloud cover, which hung out across the area today, kept our highs buried in the 70s.

We’ll be much warmer tomorrow as temperatures rise into the upper 80s. Temperatures usually spike out ahead of a strong front as warm air gets pulled northward from the Gulf of Mexico.

This will be the last “hot” day for quite some time though, as a cooler airmass arrives for the weekend.

Highs Saturday will reach the lower 80s under mostly sunny skies, but highs Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be back in the 70s. In fact, highs may barely climb out of the upper 60s on Monday! Overnight lows will reach the 50s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with a chance at the upper 40s Tuesday morning!

Another warming trend is anticipated for the end of next week, out ahead of yet another front.