Staying safe in the Summer heat


Many kids like to spend a lot of time outside in the summer, but because of the hot temperatures we’ve had lately, officials are warning parents to be on alert for possible signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

“Like anything else you have heat-related illnesses and injuries that go up a little during the summertime,” says John Witt with Acadian Ambulance.

Temperatures are skyrocketing, and medics say, if you’re not careful, they could creep up on you, or your children.

“If you’re outside and you’re working pretty strenuously if you’re already dehydrated going into it, and you’re not taking care of yourself very well, you can get heat exhaustion relatively quickly,” Witt says.

Heat exhaustion can go quickly into heat stroke.

Paramedics with Acadian Ambulance say that to combat heat exhaustion, they would use cold packs like these under their armpits or other crevices on their bodies, but that can quickly go into heat stroke, where they would use fluid from an IV, in order to rehydrate an individual.

“Our fire department is right next to us, we also have police on staff all the time, we are well versed in those kind of emergencies. we have plenty of water, we always keep plenty of water in the dugouts when we have any of those events, and we stress on hydrating as much as possible”, says Jack Hains, Broussard director of Parks and Recreation.

And some final advice to make sure you don’t end up in the back of an ambulance because of the extreme heat.

“Take lots of breaks, get out of your environment, make sure staying hydrated. if you can maintain those few things over a period of time, you should be alright,” Witt says.

Greg Garabino with Lafayette Parks and Recreation says that there are no practices in the city of Lafayette from 10 to 4, and all water fountains are working, and they make sure to let their coaches know the warning signs of heat exhaustion.

But again, if someone is saying they aren’t feeling too well, officials say to just let them have a break and get some water.

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