State continues to address cyberattack; OMV offices remain closed


UPDATE: The Office of Motor Vehicles announced Wednesday afternoon that statewide offices will remain closed Thursday morning due to “continued efforts to restore network and online services.”

The state of Louisiana’s computer systems have been temporarily crippled this week, due to a cyber attack.

The attack is impacted several state agencies. The Office of Motor Vehicles was hit hard.

All locations across Louisiana were closed for a third day in a row on Wednesday. Thus, preventing the public from doing business.

People who came to the motor vehicles office in Lafayette Wednesday morning could get past the front gate. The sign posted on the front glass said the office is closed.

“I came here to get the license, but the people say it’s closed. So, I got to wait on it,” said Derek Savoy, of Lafayette. “I got to get this stuff going. I got to make my money on the road.”

The cyberattack has impacted 132 state computer servers, and 1,600 work stations. State information technology officials say motor vehicles was hit especially hard. They have to take off the infected software, and install clean software on all of the work stations.

“I came on my lunch break. I work in Scott. I wanted to renew my registration. I need to get my inspection sticker changed. I didn’t know this was going on. I was shocked it’s closed,” said James Broussard, of Abbeville. “It’s kind of in convenient. Slows you down. Hopefully the law will understand if they pull me over. Won’t write me a ticket for that.”

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