LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A recently-released forensic autopsy on the body of Quawan “Bobby” Charles, 15, shows no signs of a struggle prior to drowning near a cane field on Nov. 3, 2020.

While the autopsy report suggests a few possibilities in the death of Charles, it stops short of determining the manner in which he drowned. A release by the Charles’ family attorneys said that only one “reasonable conclusion” can be drawn from the report: homicide.

Like a prior toxicology report released earlier this year, the autopsy report shows low-level signs of THC and a small amount of alcohol in the young boy’s system. It did not find evidence of psylocibin mushrooms in Charles’s system. One of the last persons to have seen Charles alive, Janet Irvin, claimed he ingested mushrooms shortly before he left her house.

Reports, likely from Irvin, said Charles had smoked a substance, passed out and awoke in a combative mood. He reportedly said he would kill himself. Other witnesses allegedly saw Charles crawling in culverts behind a nearby school, and surveillance video showed Charles to be alone near the time of his death.

The only injuries of note on Charles’ body were found “surrounding the mouth with scalloped edge” consistent with animal or insect activity after death. The report said Charles was found unclothed in a ditch, submerged in water.

In the opinion section of the report, officials said Charles’ pre-death behavior could possibly be consistent with an episode of psychosis, which can possibly occur with THC.

“It is possible that the decedent was hallucinating due to psychosis, which led to disorientation which led to an accidental drowning,” stated the report.

The report noted that suicide by drowning is rare but does occur.

“The alleged circumstance of saying he was going to kill himself, and the lack of injuries, suggests suicide may be the manner of death,” stated the report. “…Suicide during psychotic episodes is not uncommon and may have occurred here, possibly.”

Still, the report stopped short of offering that explanation as a likely manner of death. It also noted that, since he was reportedly alone, a struggle leading to a homicidal drowning was “unlikely.” It did not rule out possible homicide, however.

Charles’ family attorneys, including Ronald Haley, Chase Trichell, Dedrick Moore and Ryan Thompson, called for the immediate arrest of Irvin for Charles’ death.

“The only rational, glaringly obvious conclusion here is that there was foul play at work here,” stated the attorneys in a release, “and there has long been enough evidence to arrest Janet Irvin for her involvement in the tragic death of Quawan Charles… There has been a supreme and catastrophic failure of law enforcement from the minute Quawan Charles was reported missing, and that failure must end now.”

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