FRANKLIN, La. (KLFY) – Police in Franklin are investigating two separate shootings. They’re trying to find out if they are related.

Officers responded to the scene of the first shooting, where they found a car turned on its side around 10 o’clock Tuesday night. A 19-year-old man driving was shot once. The driver apparently lost control, and crashed in front of Triumph Baptist Church, at the intersection of Iberia Street and Cayce Street. He was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

“We have heard several different scenarios. We’re looking at each and every one of those scenarios. We’re seeing that they match the facts,” said Franklin Police Chief Morris Beverly.

The second shooting happened at a house on James street about 4 hours later. That’s where a 43-year-old man was found shot and killed. From the street, you can see the bullet holes in the windows, and the tape over the front door.

Investigators found several bullet casings on the ground across the street. The location of each one was marked with orange spray paint. Beverly could not say exactly how many casings were found, but they were from handgun and rifle fire.

“You watch this family day in and out. They’re beautiful. They come out on the porch in the evening. They have family that come and go,” said neighbor Beth Boudreaux. “To be senselessly taken from his family now. His little girl is without her daddy. For what?

If you have any information that will help investigators catch the people responsible for these crimes, please call Franklin Police at 337-828-1716