ST. MARY PARISH, La. (KLFY) What happened to 15-year-old Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles?

It’s a question that has yet to be answered, even three months after his mysterious death.

While it’s still unclear how or why Charles ended up dead in a shallow ditch, there are some things we do know:

  • On October 30, the Irvin family picked up Charles from his Baldwin home.
  • That night, Charles’ parents reported him missing to Baldwin Police, unaware the Irvins had picked him up.
  • On November 3, Charles’ parents contacted the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Within hours, they found Charles’ body in a sugarcane field ditch less than a mile from the Irvin’s family home.
  • On November 13, his official autopsy was released, indicating Charles drowned.
  • On November 15, Iberia Parish Sheriff Tommy Romero released a statement amid public outcry, saying Charles’ death was an active, ongoing homicide investigation.

The statement said the sheriff’s office was gathering evidence at the Irvin’s Loreauville home, the last place Charles was seen alive, and that people close to Charles as well as the Irvins were interviewed.

The November statement also said officers were tracking down the Irvins whereabouts. On Tuesday evening, IPSO spokesperson Katherine Breaux said detectives continue to “actively track” these individuals.

In the weeks after Charles’ body was found, the Irvins were seen packing up their belongings in a U-Haul van at their Loreauville home. It’s unclear where the family is now.

In the issued statement, Sheriff Romero also said they had video evidence showing Charles near the area where his body was found. He says the video shows no one was with him at that time. This video has not been released to the public.

Since issuing this statement in November, the sheriff’s office has not released any new information nor have they made any arrests.

On January 19, the first new development in Charles’ case finally came.

An independent toxicology report hired by private experts showed that Charles had no hallucinogenic drugs in his system when he died.

An attorney for Charles’ family insists the toxicology report raises questions about the Irvin family’s involvement in his death.

He says the Irvins told their investigators that Charles was high on mushrooms when an argument broke out, leading Charles to leave their Loreauville home.

The attorney says their toxicology report suggests that was a lie, as only THC and a blood alcohol content of .014 was found in Charles’ system.

He questions how Charles could have drowned in a “ankle-deep” water if hard drugs did not play a part in his death, suggesting that Charles may have drowned elsewhere and his body was dumped in a sugarcane field ditch.

Attorney Ron Haley says they will continue to push for an arrest, so Charles’ family can get answers.

“By not knowing, you can never begin to try to put this behind you. It never goes away, but this is an open wound. Every day that gets bigger. The longer this goes on, the longer they have to live without knowing what happened to their 15-year-old kid,” Haley said.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office says they are still waiting on the official toxicology report from the coroner to gain additional evidence about Charles’ death.

They have not named any suspects or persons of interest.