ST. MARY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Family, friends and members of the community gathered together Sunday to remember the man they called a ‘family man’, Durall Alexander, who was shot and killed inside his home.

Singing “ I need thee.” The people gathered around the house of Durall Alexander.

“My brother-in-law was a real man. He took care of his family by any means necessary and he’s gone now so now my family has to start over,” said Pastor Jules Anderson III, Israelite Divine Spiritual Church of Christ II.

Family, friends, and the community come together to remember a family man, Durall Alexander known by many as ‘Tat’ who was killed due to gun violence.

“It’s not just my family but it’s your family because it was my family today but it could be your family tomorrow. Bullets don’t have a name on them and this violence it doesn’t care who it consumes,” said Pastor Anderson.

The home where Alexander’s wife and daughter were living is now covered in bullets. Many from the community say dozens of bullets hit the home.

“It sounded like everybody said it was three shooters everybody said one two three and started shooting,” said Cherazar Johnson, a neighbor.

Only left with memories. Everyone reflects on the man Alexander was.

“Tat would come outside in his pajamas and his bathrobe after he had left the shell station and get his coffee, ” remembered Evangelist Bell.

“Tat was the guy that he would give you his heart. He was real kind. Whatever you asked him to do he did it,” said Ida Dennis, a neighbor. 

“He’s, not a friend he’s a dad, he reminds me of my daddy and I’m going to miss him,” said Johnson.

“From Jeanerette, all the way to Franklin Tat loved his people and all he wanted was for us to be together and for us to be safe,” said Pastor Anderson.

A balloon release with the colors orange and green. Orange represents a stand against gun violence and green for Alexander’s favorite football team the Philadelphia Eagles.

“He’s gonna be real miss. I’m so sorry this happened to him,” said Dennis.

The family hopes there will be an end to gun violence.

“Leave the guns alone for me, please,” said Carl Renner Jr., a family member.

“Too many people out here hurting and angry because of decisions; poor reckless decisions,” said Pastor Anderson.

The family has set up a go fund to help rebuild.