ST. MARY PARISH, LA (KLFY)— When Franklin police responded to a call of shots fired earlier this week in the area of Iberia and James Street, one hour later, they responded to another on nearby Maple Street.

There were no injuries reported, however residents and city officials say they are concerned about growing violence in the community.

Precious Joseph is a Franklin resident who lives at the Maple Street home that was shot up.

“It’s terrifying, because I have a three-year-old.”

Cherazar Johnson is a resident on James Street whose father’s home was the target of the shooting.

“My dad went outside, and he checked his vehicles and saw he had gunshots in his vehicle and his house,” Johnson said.

The recent rise in gun violence is plaguing all of Acadiana. Franklin Mayor Eugene Foulcard released a statement saying how serious of an issue this is becoming in today’s society.

“Until our community stands up to these senseless acts of gun violence that we see happening across our country, we will continue to see these acts from time to time. We need those that are tired to speak up. We need those that are concerned to speak up. We need those that want to talk after the fact to stand up now before another life is loss to death or life in prison.”

The investigation into the two random acts of violence is still ongoing. Law enforcement encourages anyone with information to please come forward.