FRANKLIN, La. (KLFY) — Franklin Foundation Hospital (FFH) is undergoing a name change, a move the St. Mary Parish Council endorsed on Wednesday.

According to FFH COO Bart Folse, the hospital is being rebranded as Bayou Bend Health System after working with a Louisiana-based marketing and public relations firm, Covalent Logic.

The name change went before a community focus group, with five different names being offered. Bayou Bend Health System got a 70% positive response rate from the focus group, according to Covalent.

“Known for its winding waterway through St. Mary’s Parish, this primary bayou is considered the Heart of Louisiana and of great significance to local industry and culture,” the firm stated in a press release. “Along its many twists and turns, Bayou Teche passes by Franklin’s doorstep, assuring residents of neighboring communities that with Franklin as its polestar, comprehensive healthcare is ‘just around the bend.’”

FFH CEO Stephanie Guidry said the name change lines up with a change in the hospital’s philosophy.

“We are no longer just an organization who cares for the sick, but we are an organization that is here for the overall wellness of the communities we serve,” said Guidry, who added that the hospital plans to open a Wellness Center in 2023.

“We are extremely excited about this change,” said Guidry. “While we understand and are proud of everything that this organization has done for this community for the last several decades, we are thrilled to be moving forward. We are excited for ourselves, but we are even more excited about what it means for the people in our service district.”

Officials said the name change does not change the organization’s status as a hospital service district or Critical Access Hospital.

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