ST. MARY PARISH, La. (KLFY) — A former teacher is ready for her voice to be heard after being fired from a St. Mary Parish school for misconduct.

Alicia Garner was a visual arts teacher at Berwick High School for years. Garner claims to have been a beloved teacher for all of her students and viewed them as her own children.

“These are my kids. I keep calling them my kids, and I always call them my student. I can be going to their wedding when they are 26, but they are still my student,” said Garner.

She always dreamed of finishing her career at the school until she was fired for, according to her, standing up for what she believed was the right thing.

“What do I have to lose? I lost my career. I lost it. It is done. Everything I put into it,” said Garner.

Garner says one day at school, she approached a student who looked frustrated. She says the student told her about how her transgender friend was harassing her and there were online posts about the situation.

Garner knows the family of the transgender student and approached them about the problem, revealing the child’s secret about their gender identity. According to Garner, the parent was not happy with the situation and informed the school about her actions. When the school found out, Garner was placed on administrative leave with pay on March 24.

“I could not go to any sporting functions,” said Garner. “(I) could not go to any school events for those last six weeks.”

Garner says she wants to be an example for others to stand up for what you think is right.

“I think that there should be more teachers like me that will standup and not because of what is says in the book or what you should and should not do but for what is really decent of a person to do. You stand up.”

According to Garner she is still awaiting a hearing date to finalize her future as an educator. Our attempts to reach out to the school board have not been answered.