ST. MARY PARISH, La. (KLFY) Attorneys for Quawan Charles’ family are calling on law enforcement to arrest the woman who picked Charles up on October 30, the day he went missing.

They believe Janet Irvin should face charges of delinquincy of a minor after releasing a recording between their private investigator, Irvin, and her son.

Irvin and her teenage son are the last people known to be with Charles before his death.

“I get off work at like noon Friday. So we go out to Baldwin, we pick him up,” Janet Irvin said in the recording.

Attorneys say the recording is all law enforcement needs to make an arrest.

They say that’s because after Janet Irvin picked up Charles, she was responsible for him.

“Yes, I should have called the cops. I should have went further,” Janet Irvin went on to say.

In the recording, Janet Irving admitted she did not call police after she realized Charles ran away from her home that night.

Attorneys for Charles’ family say when Irvin didn’t call police, she committed a crime.

Irvin not notifying police about Charles’ disappearance also makes the attorneys question her involvement in Charles death, as his body was found in a field less than a mile from her home.

Irvin’s son, who says he was friends with Charles, also admitted to the private investigator the two teens did drugs together after picking Charles up that afternoon.

In the recording, the private investigator asks Irvin’s son, “Did he smoke something?”

Irvin’s son replies, “Yeah, he smoked some weed. That was it.'”

Even as law enforcement awaits Charles’ toxicology reports, the Charles family attorneys say Janet Irvin should be arrested for delinquency of a minor for serving the two teens drugs.