MORGAN CITY, LA (KLFY)—An altercation between a police officer and a Black woman turned violent when the woman was shoved to the ground. This prompted the community to rally in front of the police department calling for the officer to be fired.

“They were trying to handcuff my cousin and when I saw them do that, they pushed me full force,” Oniqua Morris said.

Randasha Grogan is Morris’s cousin and said the situation could have never escalated like it did.

“I was scared for my life,” Grogan said.

Celina Charles is a national civil rights activist who wants the world to know enough is enough as she continues her fight for justice.

“We want charges to be brought upon him because his behavior was out of control and is unacceptable,” Charles said.

Charles and the other protesters are giving the department seven days to terminate officer Leonard’s job or more rallies and legal actions will occur.

“If they don’t fire him, we are going to shut these streets down in morgan city,” Charles said.