MORGAN CITY, La. (KLFY) – A Belle Rose woman has been arrested on third separate overdose investigations.

Christen Brown, 42, has been arrested and charged with failure to seek assistance in a third separate overdose investigation.

This arrest stems from Jan. 31, when police responded to a motel in the LA 182 area regarding a potential overdose.

When police arrived, they found Jesse Engleton, 52, dead. Police alleged that Engleton died from an overdose, which was later confirmed after receiving autopsy reports.

According to police, Christen Brown was in the motel room when Engleton overdosed. Instead of calling for medical assistance that potentially would have saved Engleton’s life, Brown waited.

Brown waiting ultimately killed Engleton, according to police.

Warrants were prepared for Brown, and she was located and arrested at the Morgan Jail where she was incarcerated on charges not related to this investigation. She was charged and is now awaiting court proceedings.