BALDWIN, La. (KLFY) — Two Baldwin back-to-back drive-by shootings in the same area not only injured several innocent people, but it’s also causing residents to lose patience over the lack of representation from law enforcement in the area.

“We’ve got innocent children and innocent adults getting killed while sitting in their homes relaxing,” said Michael Lancelin. “This used to be a peaceful town.”

Lancelin is a Baldwin resident, businessman and former politician. He’s searching for a solution to ending gun violence in the town.

Recently, there were two drive-by shootings in the same area just days apart. injuring and nearly killing several people — a shooting for which Lancelin holds outsiders responsible.

“People are coming in town, shooting up the area and then leaving town with no trace,” he said.

Baldwin Mayor Phil Abel Prejean agreed with Lancelin’s assessment. Residents say the lack of representation from the police department hinders progress. However, Baldwin Police Chief Harry Smith said he does hear residents’ concerns. However, his tight budget does not allow him to hire more officers, forcing him to constantly call the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office for back-up.

“I come out on patrol all weekend,” said Smith. “I’m burning sleep. I don’t have but two full-time officers right now. People complain about the Sheriffs Office, but they are doing what they are supposed to.”

Mayor Prejean tells News 10 local government has tried and continues to try to find ways to help decrease violence in the area.