BALDWIN, La. (KLFY) – Baldwin residents are demanding change are multiple drive-by shootings plague the community.

Lilly Maxie has been living in Baldwin for over 60 years. She says the gun violence in Baldwin is worse than it’s ever been. Maxie and her two grandsons, were inside of their home late Thursday night when gun-shots rang out. “I heard like three gunshots. So I asked my grandson did you hear that? He was fixing his food in the kitchen. My other grandson ran out and said, are y’all alright, said Maxie.

Just moments later, Maxie says she walked outside to scope the scene. That’s when she discovered her grand daughters car was hit. She says a bullet, “Went through the windshield and the passenger seat.” It wasn’t until the next morning she realized there was more damage. “The one from last night. I didn’t discover it until this morning. This is the bathroom window.”

Maxie says this is the third time her house has been shot-up. She called the police department for help, but only one police officer patrols the area and was forced to call the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office for back-up. “What are you going to do when you have one police officer and they have to call the sheriff office to back them up? One police officer can’t run this town at night.

Maxie along with other community members feel the lack of representation from law negatively impacts the town and it’s citizens. “The problem we have here is that the officers patrol during the day but at night they are gone and that’s when the shooting starts. If they patrol at night like they patrol in the day then I think it would stop, says her granddaughter Anastasia Shearron who’s car was shot.

Maxie says hopefully her cry for help will cause community leaders and city leaders to step up. This is the second drive-by shooting in the area since Sunday. News ten reached out to the Baldwin police department. We have not yet heard from them.