BALDWIN, La. (KLFY) — Many Baldwin residents spoke up at the city council meeting tonight, urging the mayor and the city council to listen to the police chief’s cries for help to get more officers hired.

Police Chief Harry Smith says that they have officers they’re ready to hire, but can’t bring them on without more money in the budget.

Many Baldwin residents are upset with the current status of the police department. The police chief says they only have four full-time officers right now, and it’s making it difficult to patrol their town.

One resident pleaded, “I’m asking if there’s any way y’all can help him get these new officers hired on so the officers that are working hard can get some rest.”

Another resident said, “That’s unacceptable to have one deputy. It’s unacceptable to have the chief of police working 24 hours when he has people in place, or should have certain people in place for certain positions.”

“There is a need for officers in Baldwin,” Chief Smith said. “I need the council and the mayor to amend the budget tonight. I need dispatchers and administrators so we can keep moving Baldwin forward.”

News 10 spoke with the mayor after the meeting, and he said the city doesn’t have the money to give the police department right now, and that the department will have to figure out how to hire more officers with their current budget.