BALDWIN, La. (KLFY) The Baldwin police is looking to grow their department.

Police Chief Harry Smith says they’re short-staffed and need more officers in the community because four officers just isn’t enough.

Smith says he’d hire 20 more officers right now if he could, but there’s no one is applying.

“We’re going to take it step by step and help the department grow back with the community,” the chief said. 

He says with only four officers, they’ve been relying on St. Mary Parish sheriff’s deputies to help patrol their town.

“Sheriff Blaise Smith and his deputies and the dispatchers on dial are always willing to help Baldwin. When there is nothing going on in the parish, they come into Baldwin, and they go to the parish. They come here. You always see a sheriff unit in Baldwin assisting my officers and dispatchers. They’re a great help to the community,” he said. 

He says, however, they want to grow their own department.

“I’m recruiting. All I can do to make this department better, whatever I can do to make it grow. Right now I have four full-time officers. I have part-time officers assisting. I have reserve officers assisting. ”

They had more officers, but Chief Smith says cuts to the city’s budget made lay-offs unavoidable. He’s now looking to grow their department even bigger than ever.

“Look, Baldwin is growing at this point. We’re getting into a better place, and if we grow to 30 officers, like Lafayette, New Iberia, we are growing. So right now I’m not turning no one down for hiring for the Baldwin Police Department.”

“In the future, Baldwin is going to grow. I’m looking to go to 10 to 20 officers, and it’s coming.”

The chief says anyone with a clean background can apply.

You can call the Baldwin Police Department at 337-923-4845 and ask for an application.