St. Martinville city council discontinues mayor’s $800 car allowance


The St. Martinville City Council voted at a special meeting this week to discontinue Mayor Melinda Mitchell’s $800 car allowance.

This means the mayor will no longer be able to use her personal vehicle to conduct ​city business. Mayor Mitchell must now use a government vehicle owned by the city.

“The recommendation was for me to unfortunately drive the past mayor’s white truck,” Mayor Mitchell said.

The mayor is now asking the city council to either purchase or lease a new city vehicle.

“You know, something reasonable in the budget. I did mention at the meeting that all mayors came in ​and were able to pick out their vehicle, as long as it was in our budget amount,” Mayor Mitchell said.

She added she is looking at several potential options, including a Ford Fusion, a Dodge Charger, a Dodge Durango, and a Ford Escape.

“I did ask the council to look over that over the weekend, and I will look over it and see if we can come to an agreement of which of ​the five vehicles that they would be willing to purchase or lease,” the mayor added.

Mayor Pro Tem Craig Prosoper told News 10 it will be difficult to purchase a new car because a new vehicle was not in the budget.

The mayor disagrees, ​saying that her $800 car allowance can now be used for the vehicle’s lease instead.​

“I did ask him also if they will be willing to trade in the white truck to help out with the expense because I definitely don’t want to drive that truck,” Mayor Mitchell said.

The city council will make a decision whether to purchase a vehicle at the council meeting Monday.

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