CECILIA La. (KLFY) — Anita Sam, 45, who has been living in her house for five or six years, shared a horrifying attack that happened to her in her own front yard in the Melancon Trailer Park. 

The attack took place on Feb. 22 around 1:30 a.m. Sam said she was watching TV inside her home when her lights turned off unexpectedly. 

When she called SLEMCO and reported an outage, they told her to check her breakers. Sam checked inside and then went outside using her phone flashlight with no idea someone was waiting.

She restored power on the breaker, she says, and the lights in her house were only on for about ten seconds before shutting off again.

“A guy was standing right there,” she said. “He had on a gas mask with big, bubbly eyes, a long sleeve shirt that was a different color brown plaid and he hit me.”

Sam said she was screaming for help, but no one came to help her. She said while the man was beating her, she pleaded with him to stop. 

“He called me out my name and asked me where it was,” she said. “I’m asking, ‘w’What are you talking about?’” 

Sam reached for the nearest item, a crowbar, to defend herself. When she did, her attacker took off. When she was returning to go inside the home, another man came running outside. She only saw his back and described him wearing a white shirt with some blue jeans. 

Sam said there were three men. However, she isn’t sure where the other ran to or who they were.

Sam said she went to the hospital where she was treated for a fractured nose and “busted up” eyes. She said she didn’t know who the men were and believed they were looking for drugs in her house. 

“I’m scarred for life,” Sam said. “He can’t give my comfort back because he stole that from me, but I thank God that I’m alive because it could have been worse.”

Sam hopes the attackers feel sorry for what they did. She says she forgives them, but they still need to pay for what they did because they violated her comfort zone.

“What about all the other single women that stay in the trailer park? Will it happen to them?” she asked. “It may not happen to them. Maybe I was the target. I don’t know. I just need answers because I need closure to this because I don’t sleep at night. When I fall asleep, I jump up because I see this guy with these bubbly eyes with the brown plaid shirt and everything.” 

No arrests have been made. The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s office is investigating.