ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY)—The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office and a wife have made efforts towards locating her husband who has been missing since Sunday.

That day, 58-year-old Willard Daspit Jr. told his wife Lara Daspit he was going down the road to go work on his dirt bike at the camp. Laura said she started to get worried when he didn’t return home.

“I haven’t had to file a missing person’s report for anybody,” Lara Daspit said. “This is surreal. I don’t understand how he just disappeared.”

Lara Daspit said family and friends went looking for her husband the next day. His belongings were eventually found in a ditch down the street. Lara grew very worried when they found her husband’s glasses which he needs in order to see.

“When it gets dark, he can’t see,” Lara Daspit said. “It’s glaucoma.”

Lara Daspit said she got a call from the local grocery store down the road who said they might have seen him on their security cameras.

“They have him on video at Broussard’s Grocery Store and the fire station has him on video too,” Lara Daspit said.

Lara believes Willard is still alive, walking around somewhere.

“We just need people to recognize him, stop, and bring him to a hospital and contact me,” she said.

If you have any information on Daspit’s whereabouts, contact Lara or the SMPSO.