BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) – Multiple Breaux Bridge residents have fallen victim to what is believed to be two suspects roaming around at night and breaking into vehicles.

Many residents have made Facebook posts of videos of the assailants. Eli Breaux has been a Breaux Bridge resident for his entire life. He lives on a private road with his family. He says he has always felt safe and never expected to be a target. His car was broken into on Monday night. “I went to leave in my truck and everything out my glove box and center console was taken out and thrown all over the place,” Breaux said.

Multiple victims have reported their car window has been shattered by the suspects as they attempted to find anything valuable. “I looked out of my bedroom window and the back passenger side window to my vehicle had been smashed,” said one victim.

Someone unsuccessfully tried to break into Pat Breaux’s car. He advises everyone in the community to be on the lookout. “Be aware of who’s passing down on the street and seeing if they are looking like they are checking out the situation,” said Pat.

Breaux Bridge Police say they are actively investigating what they can about the break ins and ensure they will bring an end to everything.