ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Sugarcane farmers face many challenges throughout the harvest season. This year is no different as growers now have to deal with inflation costs.

“Unfortunately one of the things that is affecting, I think all businesses in America but especially the American farmer and certainly local farmers here, is their input costs,” says Blair Hebert

The necessary inputs for the farmers include fertilizer, fuel, pesticides and more. All of which have become more expensive over the years. Andre Blanchard says it is hard to overcome the increase in costs when the price of your commodity stays the same. “We have experienced a lot of challenges with these prices, especially fertilizer prices and fuel. All these vendors, everything. Inflation has affected everything.”

Hebert says every aspect in the life of a sugarcane farmer from the fields, to the kitchen table has become more expensive and does not seem to be slowing down. “From that sugarcane field right there, to that sugarcane factory right here, to your table to sweeten your coffee or make your donuts or whatever else you want to use sugar for. The process, that whole chain of events is just costing us more money. That is something I think we’d all like to see change. Hopefully that changes, but I do not think it will change in the next six months.”