CECILIA, La. (KLFY) – A Cecilia High School parent is speaking out as a controversial photo of students circulates on social media. She says the photo is racially inappropriate and shouldn’t be tolerated.

The picture was taken inside a Cecilia High locker room. An African-American student is inside a caged locker. A white student is standing outside, smiling. The caption of the photo reads, “My buddy got him a slave.”

“In this day of age with the political and racial climate, I was shocked. I was horrified when I first saw that picture,” a parent, who wants to be referred to as E. Winfrey, said. Winfrey, who has two African-American teens at Cecilia High, says the picture is racially intolerant.

“Although my children weren’t happy about seeing it, they weren’t as horrified as I was. I’m inclined to think that maybe they’ve been desensitized to such,” Winfrey said. She says this isn’t the first time she’s learned of racially-charged incidents at the school and is worried it’s becoming more commonplace.

Frustrated, Winfrey brought her concerns to St. Martin Parish Superintendent Al Blanchard. “I did let Mr. Blanchard know that I feel the students were bold enough to do such and then post it to social media because they’re in an environment that fosters such,” Winfrey said. She says though administration said the photo was worrisome, it was suggested the teens were joking around. This mother says the caption, “My buddy got himself a slave,” shouldn’t be a joke.

“How do you caption something like that and make it playful and lighthearted?” she questioned. “I want students and parents to wake up and realize this is unacceptable. We really shouldn’t have to be dealing with this in this day in age. Our children should know better,” Winfrey told News Ten. She says schools and parents should be proactive in preventing racially offensive material, instead of being reactive.

“If you don’t tolerate it at home and you consider it light-hearted joking at home, this type of thing, your children will bring it to school and it will become a reflection on you,” she added.

Superintendent Al Blanchard says they are aware of the photo and are investigating the incident. He says proper disciplinary actions will be taken.