HENDERSON, La. (KLFY) — On Tuesday, a celebration was held to mark 50 years since the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge was built.

State engineers to Louisiana State Police gathered under the bridge at the boat launch to unveil the logo for the 50th Anniversary of the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

The bridge is 18 miles long and is the second longest bridge in Louisiana behind the Causeway.  Chad Winchester is the Department of Transportation and Development’s Chief Engineer. 

“Thousands and thousands of vehicles rely on this corridor every day on I-10.  It connects industry.  It connects people across not just Louisiana but the entire southern United States,” Winchester said.

The Mayor of Henderson for the past 19 years is Sherbin Collette.  Mayor Collette believes the basin bridge helped to open up Louisiana.  In other words, it’s become a game-changer for the state. 

“I explained to a person one day that Interstate-10 and I-49 are like blood arteries for our state; without that, a person dies.  Without this I think Louisiana was going down,” Mayor Collette explained. “It brought Louisiana back to life. It will be there forever now.”

Construction of the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge was completed in 1973.

Louisiana Economic Development, Deputy Secretary Brad Lambert explains infrastructure as a key component of economic development.

“Good infrastructure can improve economic competitiveness.  The Interstate 10 corridor I think is certainly one of the most important transportation corridors in the state some could probably make the argument it’s the most important transportation corridor in the country,” Lambert added.

A logo was unveiled for the anniversary.  The logo is to be displayed when the state mentions the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.

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