ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) – St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office and the correctional center began offering a G.E.D program to inmates in November of 2021. Since then, the program has seen much success for inmates who have taken advantage of this great opportunity. 

Community Assistance Coordinator of St. Martin Parish Adley Douet says that due to the sheriff’s desire to decrease the amount of repeat offenders,  “We wanted to provide some form of rehabilitation.”

Standard educational programs such as math, social studies and religion will be included in the program along with rehabilitation classes. The program has seen progress with the involved inmates. “We have had five inmates that have completed their G.E.D. We have some that are in rehab right now as part of their one-year rehab minimum. We do not have a lot of data yet, but our goal is to provide the avenue as well as jobs and school placement when they come out. 

The correctional facility’s Assistant Warden Robley Picard expressed his approval of the program and how important it is for those involved saying “We have hit the ground running. We are giving these inmates what they need and the foundation to be able to be productive citizens in our parish. 

Picard emphasized how helping one person is a job well done. “The sheriff had the vision, and we are just making it happen. If we can just save one person, we have done our job.”