ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) – A report of a possible threat made against students at Cecilia High School have been confirmed by both school authorities and police.

Many parents of Cecilia High School students told News 10 that they fear for the safety of their children because of a possible hit list another student created with other Cecilia High students’ names on it.

Mandy Smith, whose daughter goes to Cecilia High, told News 10 that her daughter texted her that loves her and she knew something was up.

“It was kind of odd. It did not sit right with me, so I came and picked her up from school yesterday and I have not let her go back until I find out something is being done,” she said.

Many other concerned parents of students went to social media to say that they were unaware of what was going on and were only told by their kids about what happened. Smith said that the biggest issue for parents is that they were never informed of the situation when it happened earlier in the week.

“We are more disturbed by the fact that we are left in the dark,” Smith said. “They have not told us anything.”

Aime Johannes is another parent wondering what officials will be doing about this threat as parents are now refusing to bring their kids to school in fear of not knowing will is going to happen to their kids at school.

“That way kids are not scared to go to school anymore,” says Johannes. “Kids are going to miss today. Kids are going to miss tomorrow. What are these kids supposed to do?”

The St. Martin Parish School Board released the following statement at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday:

“The St. Martin Parish School Board was made aware of a possible threat at Cecilia High School. School Administrators are subsequently conducting an investigation regarding the possible threat following St. Martin Parish School Board protocols.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office was also notified of our investigation.”

In a press release by the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office (SMPSO), authorities said that they were notified by Cecilia High School Administrators of a possible threat at the school, following the circulation of several social media posts.

SMPSO also stated that they have placed additional deputies at the school in addition to the assigned School Resource Officer.

Authorities will continue to work with the St. Martin Parish School Board regarding the threat, according to SMPSO.