ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Following a June 2021 court ruling that St. Martin Parish had not achieved unitary status in the area of student assignment, a plan has been proposed.

St. Martin Parish school board has six proposed plans in place in attempt to remedy the issue of unitary status in the area of student assignment.

The plans include a desegregation goal, majority-to-minority transfers, a magnet program, post-unitary integration plan, reports, and compliance and termination.

According to the proposed plans, “The Court found that “the District has successfully eliminated the racial identifiability of all schools serving grades 6 to 8” and has demonstrated that students matriculating through the Board’s high schools are attending schools that have been fully desegregated with only one slightly outside the goal. However, the Court found that “the District has failed to achieve desegregation goals in multiple elementary schools in the St. Martinville Zone, namely three (3) of the nine (9) K-5 schools – Catahoula Elementary School (“Catahoula”), the Early Learning Center (“ELC”), and St. Martinville Primary School (“SMP”).”

Each of these proposed plans by The St. Martin Parish School Board are in hopes to achieve a unitary status.