ST MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) – Despite St. Martinville’s boil advisory being lifted, other areas in St. Martin Parish are still having issues.

Parish President Chester Cedars told News 10 that the advisor is still in place because of issues with two high-pressure water pumps.

“What happened was that the industrial plant provides water to several entities. One of which is Waterworks District number four, or the Catahoula Water System. There are two major pumps at the water plant. Unfortunately, both of them broke down at the same time,” Cedars said.

The process to fix those pumps has already begun. The issue is how expensive the parts are due to the shortage of supplies coming in.

St. Martinville managed to fix only the city’s water supply issue, however, according to the Louisiana Department of Health, the issue is not solved in other areas like Catahoula and Parks.

“We need to keep our boil advisory until our pumps are up”, said Cedars. “Even though we are getting water from the city of St. Martinville, we still have to keep the boil advisory in effect because that is what L.D.H requires.”

The noticeable trend in boil advisories in the Acadiana area has influenced St. Martin Parish to take action with a massive $14 million project.

“Our industrial water plant (St. Martin Parish), Waterworks District number four, and the city of St. Martinville have come together and we are working on a massive consolidation where we are going to consolidate these water systems,” said Cedars.

The boil advisory will remain in effect until further notice by the Louisiana Department of Health.