ST. MARTIN PARISH, La (KLFY) — As criminal investigations take place, law enforcement has become aware of the influence social media can have on the public’s perception of what is actually going on.

St. Martin Parish Sheriff Becket Breaux said this can be a problem when trying to solve a crime.

“When it comes to facts, you want to put what is happening and what is the truth,” Breaux said.

When law enforcement releases information about a crime on social media, not everything is known about the case at the time. This tends to cause a lot of speculation with falsified or unconfirmed information on the crime.

Sheriff Breaux said these investigations take a lot of time to develop before giving out information on what actually happened.

The sheriff’s office wants to make sure the information going out is accurate.

“That doesn’t happen overnight,” Breaux said. “There is that time where we have to investigate it to be sure that we look into it and make sure that all the facts are there.”

Sheriff Breaux wanted to remind residents to call 9-1-1 if there is an emergency.

“There is a way to remain anonymous and report a crime. Doing it on social media is not a way to report a crime,” Breaux said.