ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) — The search continues for missing Coteau Holmes man Willard Daspit Jr.

According to Joseph Richard, who is spearheading the search, he and many others in the community have looked tirelessly searching for Daspit who has been missing since Sunday.

“I have not missed a night yet. “(I) lay in bed and think about where he could be (or) where would I go if I was in that situation,” said Richard.

Daspit was last seen on Sunday by his wife Lara. He was headed down the road to his camp. When he never showed back up, Lara grew worried. The next day, his friends and family found his dirt bike, keys and glasses on the ground about 100 yards from where he was heading.

Reports of sightings have popped up around Coteau Holmes since then, but no one has seen him since. Multiple search parties began in the hopes of bringing the 58-year-old back home.

“We were out last night with thermal vision scopes,” said Richard. “We had crews walk the woods at night. I’d go down the road (and) turn the truck off to scream his name and listen to see if I can hear anything. I would hear nothing.”

Richard says even though it has been almost a week since Daspit disappeared, he is not giving up hope because he says he would want someone looking for him if he was in the same situation.

“I’ll never give up hope,” he said. “I will be looking for him 10 years from now if he’s not found.”

If you are interested in helping locate Daspit, a search party will be gathering in this parking lot right next to the fire station at noon on Saturday.