UPDATE, 11/22/21: A GoFundMe has been set up for JonQualan Alexander.

ORIGINAL POST: BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) — A Breaux Bridge mother is speaking out after her son was shot seven times and survived, now clinging to life.

Another man who was shot wasn’t as lucky, and died hours later.

The shooting happened on Halloween day in Breaux Bridge in the 900 block of West Patin Street.

The mother of the victim who survived says she wants justice because her son and the man who died didn’t deserve this.

She says the two men were standing in the neighborhood when a vehicle pulled up and opened fire.

She believes the bullets weren’t meant for either of them.

“They didn’t care who was around. They just wanted that target and whatever that target was or whoever that target was, they didn’t care who was around. My son didn’t even know what was going on, had no clue. He was just there at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Angelique Alexander said.

Alexander got the call the afternoon of Halloween.

“I just saw an ambulance with blood all in the back of it, and they’re telling me my son got shot,” she said.

Her son, JonQualan Alexander, was shot seven times. He was rushed into brain surgery after being shot in his neck, both hands and wrists, his chest, and head.

A day after he was shot, JonQualan spent his 23rd birthday in the hospital, on a ventilator unable to move or speak, trying to understand what happened and why.

“Just watching the tear come down his eye, just watching bullet marks all over his face,” his mom said, holding back tears herself.

The other man shot during the drive-by died hours after the shooting. He has not been identified.

JonQualan’s mom says she’s grateful her son is somehow still alive, but who fired the shots is still a mystery.

“If you’re watching this, I just pray that God lays on your heart to come forward because my son didn’t deserve this. He didn’t. He’s fighting for his life,” Angelique said.

“Whoever did this, i just feel that they should pay for everything that they did. Everything.”

JonQualan also had some of his fingers amputated because of his gunshots wounds, and he will need more surgeries. He tells his mom what’s keeping him fighting now is his baby daughter, who will be born next month.

He hopes he gets the chance to meet her, and Angelique hopes police catch the person responsible for this.

“Breaux Bridge is not big at all. Somebody seen something,” she said.

“Someone knows what happened, and I just want justice for my son, JonQualan, and I want closure for me as a mother because that could have been anybody’s child.”

No one has been arrested or charged in connection with this shooting, but Breaux Bridge Police say they do have people of interest.