ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY)– Last night, St. Martinville Police Department made a Facebook post extending their gratitude to a local man who ran into a mobile home when he noticed it was burning.

Cameron Francis said he was at home playing video games when he heard a loud bang go off. When he stepped outside to see what was happening, he quickly took action without hesitation.

According to Police Chief Ricky Martin, a mother and 3 children were inside the home. Francis entered the mobile home and removed all four people before the it was fully in flames.

“My first thought was if everybody (was) okay?” Francis said. “Is there anybody else in the house? Is there any animals in the house? Anything that you want to take with you that is really really valuable to you.”

Francis said he did what he had to do when Chief Martin told him he saved four lives.

“I ran up and grabbed the two kids,” Francis said. “She had the baby we all gathered in the street. I was like ‘do you have your car keys?’ ‘Do you have anything in the house that you need?”

There is still no known reasoning for the fire. St. Martinville Police Chief Rickey Martin said Francis’s actions were that of a true hero. He said it is a great example of caring for others especially for ones we do not even know.