ST, MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) A Napoleonville man is offering a large cash reward to anyone who can help him find an 18-wheeler driver who ran him off I-10 and fled the scene.

The man says he was driving on the overpass near the Breaux Bridge exit when the incident happened.

He says the 18-wheeler ran him into the overpass shoulder and totaled his vehicle then fled the scene.

He’s now offering a whopping $3,000 dollar cash reward to anyone who can help him identify the driver.

“It’s hard times for a lot of people, so I’m sure $3,000 could help someone,” Steve Frechou said.

That’s how much Frechou is offering for information that will lead him to finding the 18-wheeler driver who did this to his car.

“I can only assume by the damage of my vehicle that he’s got to know what took place,” Frechou said.

He says last Wednesday, he was driving on the overpass when an 18-wheeler started merging into the right lane, forcing him to drive into the shoulder.

“I decided well, I’m going to take my choice and go ahead and hit some construction cones rather than be struck by an 18-wheeler,” he told News Ten.

He says the driver still hit him though.

“The driver side rear was pealed back kind of like a can. Let’s say can of tuna fish like you peel the top. It peeled that off. It shattered the back glass. Luckily there was a good Samaritan that was traveling behind me that stopped. He said at the time of the accident, he observed the rear wheels of my vehicle lift off the ground,” he said.

“When he said that, my heart just sank even more so because I could have started flipping. I was on the overpass, so God forbid I would have flipped off the overpass.”

Frechou says the driver of the 18-wheeler, however, never stopped.

“I know people are out there. I know they may know who did this. My family and I just want accountability. That’s it. That’s why I’m offering a reward. Plain and simple, accountability,” he added.

“I used to be a police officer, so I want this person to stand in front of a judge and tell that judge why he decided to hit my vehicle and run. He needs to be held accountable for that criminally as well as civilly.”

Again, Frechou is offering a $3,000 reward.

He says the passenger side of the 18-wheeler would likely be damaged and have maroon paint on it from the accident.

Frechou encourages anyone who think they may have seen the vehicle to contact local police and message him on Facebook.