BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) — A Breaux Bridge family is devastated after losing their race horses in a barn fire.

The family said three horses were killed by the flames.

“It still feels like a nightmare. Just seeing the fire and knowing that you have three live animals in there, and you just can’t help them,” Linda Demouchet said, holding back tears.

Demouchet described what happened early Sunday morning.

In the dark luminated by the fire, her husband ran to the barn, desperate to try to save his horses, she said.

“You could see the flames, the black smoke, and then Ricky tried to save one of the horses. He went underneath the barn, and he fell. He moved in time, but the top caved in. I didn’t know where he was, so I just started screaming.”

She added, “He said when he fell and he looked up, he heard them move. Then the top just caved in. I just kept screaming because I didn’t know where he was. I couldn’t see him, and I just kept thinking the roof had fallen on him.”

Demouchet says her husband made it out, but their three race horses didn’t.

“It’s a pain, I hope no one else would have to go through, especially if they’re animals too. You see things like that happen on television and to other people. Your heart goes out to them, but you never know how painful it is when it’s happening to you,” she said.

The family says firefighters don’t yet know what led to the fire. They’re now trying to rebuild their barn and start over.

You can find their GoFundMe here. Their goal is to raise $50,000.

“My dad had 3 Race horses that burnt in the fire, all equipment and supplies. We are looking for resources to assist. This is my dad only income all he know is race horse he been racing for over 25 years. Anything Helps We Appreciate All of You God Blessed,” the GoFundMe reads.