HENDERSON, La. (KLFY) — McGee Louisiana Swamp and Airboat Tours is one of the businesses in the landing industry seeing the effects of lower water levels in the Basin.

Katrina Collette with McGee’s said they have not stopped tour, but have seen their tours be affected.

“Our business has been affected in a sense it makes it harder on our tour guides and captain because they have to know where the water and the land is for them to be able to pass with the motor,” Collette said.

Around this time of year, lower water levels are expected. However, this year Colette said it’s the lowest she’s ever seen. Boats run the risk of being stuck because some areas can not be maneuvered.

“If it goes down anymore, I’m afraid we will be trapped and not be able to pass,” Collette said.

Henderson’s Mayor, Sherbin Collette, said there are two reasons the water in the basin is low. Wildlife and Fisheries have a drawdown to aid in vegetation growth and prepare for hurricane season.

He said “the purpose of that drawdown is two actually reasons. It’s to draw it down and let the bottom expose and let it harden and let the vegetation grow. The second reason that a lot of people don’t understand is during hurricane season we keep Henderson Lake as low as possible because it holds a lot of the flood water that comes in our direction.”