ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) After a long day in court, family and friends of Nicole Hamilton gathered Monday to continue their fight of bringing awareness to domestic violence.

Hamilton was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Linus Shelvin in Aug. 2021.

His pre-trial date has been pushed back, once again, the family says.  

“We need justice, and they keep pushing the court date back and back, and it’s wearing and tearing on the whole family,” Hamilton’s daughter said.  “As the day goes by. I’m dealing with that day by day. It’s bad: I never thought someone would do that to my mom. She never hurt anybody.” 

A hunter found Hamilton dead on a gravel roadway near Mills Highway in Breaux Bridge. 

“That call was devastating. It changed my life. I thought it was a lie,” Hamilton’s daughter recalls. 

Shelvin was later arrested and charged with second degree murder. 

“He was very jealous, and we didn’t see the signs. We should have been paying more attention to it. I guess he was drinking one night and overacted.” 

While the family walk to bring awareness to domestic violence, they are still looking for closure and for justice to be served. 

“Right now they not giving us anything. They ain’t giving us nothing. They just keep pushing everything and they are saying that’s how the trail goes and how the system goes but y’all have evidence on this man. Y’all know it’s this man why is he not getting charged? Why have we got to go through this? We’re trying to get justice and trying to get our life going.”

The next pre-trial date is schedule for Jan. 24 at the St. Martinville court house.