ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) — Human skeletal remains were found by hunters in St. Martinville Tuesday near Isadore Drive.

The identity of the body is currently unknown, but police say they may know who it is.

St. Martinville Police Chief Ricky Martin said there is a chance the remains belong to Albert Willis Jr. of St. Martinville who went missing in the Summer of 2021.

Martin said it could be Willis “but we are not one-hundred percent sure and we do not want to give the family any false hope that it is him, and then it is not him.”

He said police will deliver the remains to the LSU forensic department for further testing and to possibly confirm the identify.

With the possibility of the remains belonging to Willis, one neighbor reflects on the day he vanished.

“I just saw him when he took off walking like he normally did. We just never saw him since.”

Betty Ann Francis is another neighbor who said she hopes the remains are of Willis so to end the mystery of what happened to him.

“I really hope that the remains they found in the park are him, to bring closure to the family who I know is devastated,” Francis said. “Also to the community, because we all do not know what really happened. Also, for Mr. Willis to bring him peace and rest in heaven where we know he should be because he was a very loving person.”

News 10 will update this story as more information becomes available.