HENDERSON, La. (KLFY)– After more than five decades of working as the manager at the Henderson Contract Postal Unit, Jacqueline Borel is saying goodbye to a job she’s known and loved.

“I’m gonna miss it cause I’ll miss my people, and I know a lot of them are gonna miss me cause they know I was here to help them in whatever way I could”, Borel said.

Borel fought to have the post office offer door-to-door delivery but said she was not successful in making it happen.

“The bad part about it, I thought we would’ve had house-to-house delivery because we have a lot of old people here, and they have no way to get around,” she said.

Borel said residents will now have to travel to Breaux Bridge to get their mail.

“I was told that we’ll have to get our mail at the Breaux Bridge post office, and they were saying its like 7.8 miles to travel to and from.”

Mary Viator, a close friend of Jacqueline, said she will miss her and the post office.

“I’m gonna miss Mrs. Jackie and this post office,” Viator said. “I don’t know what I’m gonna do. She helped me out a lot.”

When asked about how some residents will have issues with traveling to Breaux Bridge, Viator said she can drive, but worries about what the closing will mean for older people.

“This is the closest to my house,” Viator said. “If I can’t drive my car, I can walk, but I’ve seen people that are older than I am.”‘

The Henderson Post Office will officially close its doors on Oct. 31 at noon.

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