ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY)– Plans are in the works to open a new post office after the Henderson postal unit closed it’s doors in October. The cities of Breaux Bridge and Henderson are working hand in hand to ensure residents will have a new place to pick up their mail.

Sherbin Collette, mayor of Henderson, said it is devastating to not have a postal service in Henderson.

“Pretty much detrimental for not only the elderly but for the handicapped,” Collette said.

Collette said he was notified a temporary post office could potentially be at the old City Hall in Henderson.

“As of right now, the latest I just heard a few minutes ago, we’re going to probably put a temporary station in a park in Henderson at the old City Hall,” Collette said. “I intend on meeting with him and he’ll choose the area.”

Henderson officials are collaborating with a local business in an effort to bring back services. Marcel Miller, owner of Bayou Pack and Ship in Breaux Bridge, said Henderson’s postal services are very important to their company.

“I’m not a resident of Henderson, but I work here in Breaux Bridge and Henderson is just a stone’s throw away from us, so it’s very important to us,” Miller said.

Miller said some of his staff from the company will be working at the post office once it opens.

“Our company has committed to actually supplying staff from here when we actually do get a unit there to ensure that it’s staffed and available to residents in Henderson,” Miller said.

Both Collette and Miller said they hope these efforts will solve the mail problem in Henderson moving forward.

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