ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY)– The cold case of the disappearance of a St. Martinville woman is being reopened. Judy Ann Gary went missing more than 30 years ago and has yet to be found.

According to Gary’s family, she was seen on West Hamilton Street taking care of her ill mother at her mother’s home. Gary then went to the Hospital Drug Store Pharmacy on North Main Street to pick up her mother’s prescription. Workers at the pharmacy believe she got into a green four-door car, but she has not been seen since. Gary’s family has been looking non-stop for her.

Renee Dunn, a genetic genealogist, has been working with the family for a year, and said the process has been tough.

“Its just been talking to people, asking a lot of questions,” Dunn said. “People that maybe knew Judy first hand and knew the family and just weren’t willing to talk so many years ago are now forthcoming and willing to share and tell stories about her and her life, and that’s how we’ve gotten most of the information on the case.”

Ricky Richard, Gary’s son, was only a 1-year-old when his mom went missing and just wants answers.

“Nothing has been going until Miss Renee stepped in,” Richard said. “She got into it real good, and she’s doing process. I just want answers and if you know where she’s at, please let me know. That’s all I want.”

St. Martinville Police Chief Ricky Martin said it has been difficult reopening the case.

“The hardest part has been, it’s been so long, having to go back and find people,” Martin said. “Other than that, we don’t have any physical information to use to lead us in any direction.” Martin said.

Eric Richard, Judy’s husband, said it has been a hard time looking for her. He said if Judy is out there, he wants her to come home because her family needs her.

“Stressful, stressful. Cause I like to know what’s going on. Why she never came home? Who has her? Why they won’t let her call? Please come home. Your son needs you,” he said.

If you have any more information on the case, call St. Martinville Police Department immediately. There is also a Facebook page that’s used to help find Gary.

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