BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) – In late Sept., Breaux Bridge resident Junius John Joseph and his family’s whole life turned upside down when their kitchen oven caught fire.

This fire left the family with irreparable damages all over their trailer home.

“Mostly, it was the kitchen and the living room,” Joseph said. “We had smoke in just about every room. All of my sheetrock is full of smoke damage.”

Joseph said it will be months before they can try to get back in and see what they can do. Because of this, he wants to find a better place to live.

The fire occurred in the kitchen when only Junius’s wife was home. When the fire was out, it was clear that Junius and his family could not stay at the place they called home.

With the help of Red Cross, Joseph was able to be put into a hotel room for the time being but that was only temporary.

“They said that is all they could have done. I have been having to pay out of pocket since,” Joseph said.

Joseph said his whole life turned upside down when this happened. He explained how he and his family are coming up with ways to raise money to help them get back on their feet.

Joseph said, “I am trying to get a GoFundMe going, and I am also making a benefit dinner in Henderson Park on November the sixth.”

If you are interested in helping Junius Joseph and his family gets back on their feet, join him at Henderson Park on November 6th for the benefit dinner or you can donate to his GoFundMe.