ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY)– The controversy over seventh through 12th grade students being allowed to wear shorts continues in St. Martin Parish, and many parents are fighting to have the option available for their children.

A school board meeting over uniform shorts turned ugly as a board member and parent went back and forth over which rule should be allowed. One parent was allegedly cursed at by board member, Richard Potier, for speaking in favor of shorts. Candace Mire, a mother of two in Saint Martin Parish, said she was disrespected by the board member.

“He cursed, and that’s when I stood up and told him he could address me cause I was right there,” Mire said. “That’s when he, I guess you can say, went on a rampage, started cursing, threatened me, asked me to take it outside, told me to shut up and sit down.”

Mire said a survey was done on the uniform shorts and the majority of parents are in favor of shorts. She said members of the school board mentioned girl shorts being too short and said boy shorts would sag.

“They did it with the junior highs and high schools and eight voted in favor, four voted not in favor,” Mire said. “They also brought up some more statistics that they did and majority is in favor of shorts, yet again the reasons that they’re giving for not allowing shorts is because shorts on girls can be too short. That was at the last meeting, and this meeting they mentioned that boy shorts would sag.”

Mire said she wants to attend the next board meeting but is afraid of being threatened again.

“I would like to be able to attend next meeting, but I don’t have much hope or faith,” Mire said. “I guess that I wouldn’t be threatened again.”

Mire urges others to speak up if they want change to happen in the parish.

“The only way to get change is for you to speak up, for you to attend these meetings,” Mire said. “I can’t be the only one attending the meetings.”

News 10 reached out to Mr. Potier several times, but he could not be reached for comment. Members of the school board will be voting next month on the shorts.